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  • LIE

    Couch Time: New Artist Spotlight – L.I.E

    L.I.E. - Live In Eternity, is a multi genre trio out of New York offering a fresh feeling and balance to the current music landscape. Positioned to change the perception of music, introducing Hip Rock to the masses, L.I.E. is taking music making and performing...

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  • george_michael

    Lyrical Legends: George Michael – Different Corner

    Regardless of age, race, religion, gender, nationality or any other descriptor we use to separate ourselves from one another, universally, we all have a desire to love and be loved. But as we all know, loving the wrong...

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  • zs07_21_Cindy Lauper

    Lyrical Legends: Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

    Time After Time is a Cyndi Lauper classic that will live on forever. The chorus alone has numerous applications. It can be used in reference to friendships, relationships and even...

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