Announcement: Lyrical Therapy Presents: The Debut Album “Venture”

Lyrical Therapy


The Debut Album


Produced by Terrance L. Moore

Lyrical Therapy’s Venture will take you on a journey in sound, providing a instrumental fusion of Hip Hop, Electronica, Jazz, Rock & Classical music suitable for the club/lounge, and will also serve as the ultimate soundtrack for your next road trip.
Available for purchase at CD Baby and iTunes


1. Venture   

2. Liqueur    

3. Last Call    

4. Searching    

5. Starting Over    

6. Lust    

7. Sins of the Virgin    

8. Urban Shogun    

9. Stay    

10. Escape    

11. Beginnings    

12. It’s Over    

13. Rock Candy    

14. Coolin’    

15. Freeze (Bonus Track)