Lyrical Legends: Bobby Womack – If You Think You’re Lonely Now

If You Think You’re Lonely Now

Bobby Womack

By Terrance Moore


Bobby Womack is a Lyrical Legend who never really received the recognition he so rightly deserved. His discography includes some of the greatest R&B classics ever recorded. This list includes Love Has Finally Come At Last, Harry Hippie and No Matter How High I Get, just to name a few. If You Think You’re Lonely Now is one of those timeless classics that will always remain relevant. Although I loved this song when I was a kid, I didn’t really grasp the meaning behind it until I became an adult and personally experienced the challenges he described.


You know, if y’all don’t mind,
I’d like to talk about this woman of mine.
She’s always complaining about me never being at home.
But when I’m there I’m broke,
She’s telling about the things that her girlfriend’s got,
What she ain’t got
And she want me go out and get it for her.
But girl, I can’t be in two places at one time.


I would venture to guess that most people are attracted to ambition, but that attraction normally comes with an asterisk. They love the fact you’re ambitious, and even brag to their friends and family about the things you have going on in your life. But they’re only attracted as long as your ambition doesn’t cut into their time. Then it becomes a problem. That’s when the complaints begin in regards to you working too much. They attempt to stifle the same ambition that made you a great catch in the beginning. Yet, you won’t hear any complaints when you’re both lying on that private beach at the Five-Star Caribbean resort your ambition financed. It only becomes a problem when they’re required to sacrifice their immediate needs. I understand we have to find a way to balance our ambition with our relationships, but some people just can’t be satisfied. Unfortunately, most people will give you lip service in regards to sacrifice and its overall importance, but they fall way short when they’re required to put it into practice. They want what they want when they want it…and they want it NOW.

Another unfortunate truth is when dealing with selfish people, your level of attractiveness decreases exponentially when your funds are low and the only thing on the menu for the next several months is fried bologna sandwiches, ramen noodles and just-add-water pancakes. And it isn’t until you’re gone that they really appreciate you for all that you are and everything you strived to be.


If you think you’re lonely now, huh,
Wait until tonight, girl.
I’ll be long gone,
And you’ll never find another man that’ll treat you right.
When I ain’t there to rub your back,
Just remember I made it a long fact.
When the skeletons come out of your closet,
And they chase you all around the room,
And the memories sail ‘round like a ghost,
And dance around in a sad slow tune.

Oh, ain’t it funny how tables turn
When things aren’t going your way.
But when love walks out and the pain walks in,
And you still can’t help but say. Oooh.


And just to be clear, this dilemma is not gender specific. I’ve heard numerous women complain about men who took issue with the fact the woman was more successful. Instead of viewing the relationship as a partnership and appreciating her financial contribution, he allowed himself to feel intimidated and less than a man. He may put up a front for others, bragging about the PhD she just completed, or her promotion to CFO, but deep down he possesses a spirit of bitterness and resentment. Regardless of a woman’s financial success, unless she miraculously develops a male sex organ, you’re still the man in the relationship. And she still needs to feel loved, cherished and respected.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t include the women who treat a man as if he is less than a man because she makes more money. I’m speaking of the women who maintain a healthy perspective in spite of their success.

An important life lesson can be learned from this song if we take time to give serious thought to the lyrics, as opposed to just singing along because it’s a catchy tune. Before you begin a romantic relationship with someone, consider the overall picture. If you feel you’re going to have an issue with the other person’s work ethic, then reconsider getting involved in the first place. Don’t go into the relationship planning to change the person. Again, a healthy balance between ambition and your relationship should be maintained. But don’t go into the relationship expecting to be that person’s everything. It sounds good in theory, but in practice, you’ll quickly realize it’s a burden you will eventually become too weak to bear.


It’s good to know that you got somebody that’ll stand by your side,
That’ll build you up when you’re falling down.
And you had that someone, baby,
‘Cause I done my time,
And it’s your turn now.
If you think you’re lonely now,
Wait, wait until tonight.
I’m tired,
Tired of the same old, sick and tired.
It’s been too long
To think we can start all over again.

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