Lyrical Anatomy: John Mayer (featuring Taylor Swift) – Half Of My Heart

Half Of My Heart

John Mayer (featuring Taylor Swift)

By Terrance Moore


Half of my heart’s got a grip on the situation
Half of my heart takes time
Half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you
That I can’t keep loving you
With half of my heart

Love can sneak up on you at the most inconvenient times. Just when you’ve finally settled into a good place and become content with your life, love can turn your world completely upside down. And sometimes we find ourselves facing a dilemma. While one half of our heart is caught up in a romantic dream world, the other half longs to be free from the responsibility for someone else’s heart.

I was born in the arms of imaginary friends
Free to roam, made a home out of everywhere I’ve been
Then you come crashing in, like the realest thing
Trying my best to understand all that your love can bring

As bad as it may sound, there’s an element of peace in selfishness. Loving only yourself and not allowing anyone into your heart is a surefire way to avoid experiencing a broken heart. But it can also lead to a lonely existence. And it isn’t until you meet that one person who possesses the ability to penetrate the wall around your heart that you begin to realize the joy and excitement loving the right person can bring.

I was made to believe I’d never love somebody else
I made a plan, stay the man who can only love himself
Lonely was the song I sang, ’til the day you came
Showing me another way and all that my love can bring

But selfishness can be a hard habit to break. And when you’re unwilling to meet love halfway, it’s just a matter of time before your shortcomings become too much to bear. Resentment will begin to set in, and possessing half of your heart will no longer be acceptable to the other person.

Your faith is strong
But I can only fall short for so long
Down the road, later on
You will hate that I never gave more to you than half of my heart
But I can’t stop loving you

To paraphrase a line from the movie First Knight, you can’t love people in slices. It’s not fair to them, and it’s not fair to you. If you know you’re emotionally unavailable, be up front about where you stand and let the other person decide. If you notice the other person is on the verge of crossing the line into an emotional territory you’re trying to avoid, remove yourself from the situation. It will save you both a lot of heartache and pain.

Half of my heart’s got a real good imagination
Half of my heart’s got you
Half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you
That half of my heart won’t do


Half of my heart is a shotgun wedding to a bride with a paper ring
And half of my heart is the part of a man who’s never truly loved anything


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