Couch Time: New Artist Spotlight – L.I.E



L.I.E. – Live In Eternity, is a multi genre trio out of New York

offering a fresh feeling and balance to the current music landscape.

Positioned to change the perception of music, introducing Hip Rock

to the masses, L.I.E. is taking music making and performing to another


Singers, Leaks (21 yrs old), Dennis K (21 yrs old), and Deshaun

(22 yrs old) bring a heartfelt intensity in their music. Young in age, but

wise in their craft, the group has a mature, sophisticated balance. On

stage, the three combine raw vocal ability, excitement, fashion, and fun

into virtual sensory overload to be witnessed.


Fusing together pop, hip-hop, rock, and R&B music seamlessly,

L.I.E. stirs a multitude of emotions for all audiences. The groups fresh

faces, young swagger, and natural talent are the defining elements

that set them apart from any other trio, past, present or future.


Come Live In Eternity with L.I.E.


Their debut album “Without Money” drops March 22, 2011 on iTunes


Click HERE to visit the Official Website:

Click  HERE to check out the video to their new single “Best Thing”

Click HERE to check out the video to their new single “Go Girl”