Couch Time: In Session With Melanie Richardson – Jill Scott “The Fact Is (I Need You)”

The Fact Is (I Need You)

Jill Scott

By Melanie Richardson.

Why do we spend hours upon hours of our lives trying to understand what we are about? Who and why we are attracted to certain people? What makes us tick and what ticks us off? Why do we spend the first 10 or more years of our adult life carefully planning every goal, striving to maintain a spot free personal and professional resume? It’s so we will be found attractive by others!

In our society today in our personal lives both men and women… know how to buy groceries, cook, clean, wash clothes, and sew a button. Both men and women… know how to take out the trash, paint the kitchen, change the oil, and cut the grass. If we don’t know how, we’ve got the number to the business that can provide the service. Why all the effort to be self-sufficient? Because we are a society proud to claim “I don’t need anyone!” If you’re not in agreement with me I’ll give you that… but only for a second. In your case, do you seek that special someone in your life, and proudly carry your “I got this” safety net? You know what I’m saying… after a break-up do you tell yourself “See, I didn’t need him, I can fix the faucet without his help!” Let’s face it. Truth be told though, most still need and desire companionship. So, I’ll say it! Give me love!! Ms. Jill Scott says it perfectly in her song: “I Need You.”

I hate to post the entire song, so I won’t. I wish I knew the equivalent song from a man to a woman, but I don’t. I’m not a music connoisseur. Maybe, someone can help a sista out. If you don’t know the words to Jill’s song you need to check them out in their entirety! The Fact Is I Need You.

Here is a small excerpt…

I can pay my own light bill baby
Pump my own gas in my own car
I can buy my own shoe collection
I’ve been blessed thus far
I can kill the spider above my bed
Although it’s hard because I’m scared
I can even stain and polyurethane
But some things just don’t change… I Need You.

For me, that’s it. It’s just that simple.

So get off your self-glorifying pedestal and submit; submit to the love you know you want… the love you desire. What are you going to do to find the man to perfectly fit your body curve? Have you already missed the boat? Men, what about you? Regrets anyone? Or do you have that perfect “we made it happen” success story to share?.

You can preview this song at Amazon or iTunes