Lyrical Anatomy: Kenny Chesney – There Goes My Life

There Goes My Life

Kenny Chesney

By Terrance Moore.

All he could think about was I’m too young for this
Got my whole life ahead
hell I’m just a kid myself
how I’m gonna raise one

The lyrics to this song resonate with me because I found out at age 17 I was going to become a father. Simply saying I was unhappy about it would be a huge understatement. I had a plan for my life, and early fatherhood definitely wasn’t a part of the equation. In one moment I went from knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life to not having a clue. I spent the next several months floating in the wind while trying to figure out my next move. As the lyrics stated, my dreams went up in smoke, so now I had to create new ones.

All he could see were his dreams going up in smoke

A freshman in college at the time, the stress from the situation took a toll and I ended up not completing my first year. I was working at a shoe store, and my life began to parallel the life of the character Al Bundy from Married…with Children. The situation was looking pretty bleak, and I didn’t have a clue what my next step would be.

And he said
there goes my life
there goes my future, my everything
might as well kiss it all good-bye
there goes my life…….

Regardless of how I felt about the situation, I knew I had to take care of my responsibility. I made the decision to join the Air Force in order to provide financial support/medical benefits for my daughter, and it also gave me the opportunity to get back in school. My tour in the military resulted in a lot of missed time during the first several years, but all that changed soon after my enlistment ended. We began spending a lot more time together, and the bond grew stronger as a result.

He smiles
there goes my life
there goes my future my everything
I love you, daddy goodnight

Becoming a father at an early age forced me to make grown up decisions, for it wasn’t just about me any more. I didn’t have the luxury of experimenting with different careers to see what interested me the most, so I chose the most stable and lucrative career path available. My goal was to ensure she had every advantage and that she wanted for nothing. I began bribing her in middle school with a new car if she earned a scholarship for college, and my bribe worked because she made it happen. I’m extremely proud of the person she has become, and I expect nothing but great things from her in the future!

And he cried
there goes my life
there goes my future, my everything
I love you
baby good-bye

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