Lyrical Anatomy: Eric Roberson – Find the Way

Find the Way

Eric Roberson

By Terrance Moore

How can I have you
And never really have you
At least not like I want to
Your heart should not be shared
Or should not be compared
To any other love that’s there
That’s just not fair

Eric Roberson is one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in the music business. But he hasn’t let this deter him from composing the lyrical heartfelt music his fans have come to love. Find the Way tells a story many of us have experienced at one time or another during our romantic lives. The lyrics deal with emotional infidelity, the pain & frustration that result from it, and the approach taken in an attempt to come to a resolution.

I’m down to lose you
For a chance to gain you
Even if all I gain
Is the respect that you see in me
I’m willing to set you free
All I offer you is honesty

In an attempt to resolve the issue, the protagonist utilizes an age old concept. He decides to set his love free, with the hope she will return to be with him forever. Even if she doesn’t return, he will have at least earned her respect by standing his ground and not allowing her to keep him in limbo. He’s willing to remove himself from her life to give her an opportunity to experience life without him. She will either come to the realization the grass isn’t greener with the other man occupying her thoughts and return, or choose not too. By implementing this method, she will no longer be able to ride the fence on the issue. He knows their time apart is going to be excruciating, but he feels he has no choice. In the interim, the only time he’ll be at peace is in his dreams.

It’s hard to leave you
I feel like I breath you
I look to survive
Holdin’ on to my dreams at night
That’s the only time I hold you tight
Wakin’ up just don’t feel right

Walking away from the love who has consumed your spirit is difficult to say the least, but this is where knowing your worth comes into play. Knowing your worth prevents you from accepting the crumbs. You may feel you need the person, but the feeling won’t be overwhelming enough for you to tolerate unacceptable behavior. They will have to make a choice: stay and respect you or leave. Establish your boundaries, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out in the end.

You know that I need you
But girl not this way
I want so much more than
What you give today
To show you I want you
I push you away
If it’s meant to be girl
I trust that it will find the way

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