Lyrical Legends: The Temptations – Memories


The Temptations

By Terrance Moore

Wish that I could a spiral stair through time
To your body next to mine..warm & satisfied.
Wish that I could catch..a night train to the past
Climb aboard and hear you ask..darling come inside.

If you’ve ever lost someone you really cared about, the lyrics to this song will definitely strike a chord with you. Imagine being able to take a night train to the past and relive an experience; right a wrong; or simply say, “I’m sorry.” Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow us to do “do overs,” so the best course of action is to make the most of our present situations.

Memories..sweet, sweet memories..of days gone by..they make me cry.

The pain in these lyrics reflect a feeling I never want to feel. I feel a strong sense of regret in this song. My biggest fear is regret, and for this reason I give considerable thought to my actions, because I don’t want to do anything that’s going to come back to haunt me. I’ve always made it a point to learn from the mistakes of others whenever possible, and this includes music. If we take the time to really listen, we can learn so much from music. The road map to life can be found in the lyrics of songs from the past. Regardless of technological advances, the trials & tribulations of life never change. Why not learn from the people who came before you? As Eleanor Roosevelt once stated, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Memories..sweet, sweet memories…that make me sad
They take me back…to you.

Overall, I don’t have any regrets over the choices I’ve made. I did learn a valuable lesson concerning relationships from one situation, and I think everyone can relate. I was focused on my career and had no real interest in a relationship. We ended things amicably, and her next relationship resulted in marriage. I never regretted my decision because I wasn’t ready for what she had to offer. But when I reached the point where I was ready to settle down, my experiences resulted in an epiphany of sorts. I learned when you find a good person, you better do everything you can to keep them, because don’t think another one is going to pop up after you let them go. It’s going to take time. In some cases, a considerable amount. Seize the moment, because those opportunities can be few and far between.

There are also situations where we take people for granted. We convince ourselves we can do better, which results in a search for greener pastures. By the time we learn the grass we thought was greener is really artificial turf, it’s normally too late. That’s when life slaps us back into reality, and all we’re left with are memories of what we had; memories of what we failed to appreciate; memories of what we lost. Don’t allow poor judgment to leave you wishing for an imaginary train back to the moment before you made the mistake of a lifetime.

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