Lyrical Legends: Sade – Bullet Proof Soul

Bullet Proof Soul


By Terrance Moore

I was so in love with you…you rarely see a love that true
Wasn’t that enough for you…wasn’t that enough for you

The title of this song alone is enough to make you think. The need for a spiritual entity (a soul) to protect itself from an object from the physical world (a bullet) seems unnecessary to say the least. But when it comes to matters of the heart, our inner being is as vulnerable as a newborn baby. For this reason, we must be extremely selective concerning who we allow into our lives. If we choose to give our hearts to the wrong person, our displays of affection will go unappreciated.

I would climb a mountain…I wouldn’t want to see you fall
Rock climb for you…and give you a reason for it all

Although deep down we know our feelings are unreciprocated and that it’s evident what the outcome is going to be, we seem to have a hard time walking away. We tend to get caught up in the challenge of making someone love us the way we think we want to be loved. In our minds, we hope our efforts will be noticed and appreciated causing the other person to fall in love with us by default. The limits we are willing to go to protect the ones we love show no bounds.

I know the end before the story’s been told
It’s not that complicated…but you’re gonna need a bullet proof soul

The thought of being hit with a slow bullet would be amusing if the result wasn’t so painful. The most damage seems to occur when you don’t see it coming. The ramifications from unsuspected infidelity can be devastating; divorce, STDs, unwanted pregnancies. When you’re the victim, it doesn’t feel like a slow bullet, it feels like a shotgun blast. In reality the shot was fired when the cheating began, and the bullet hit you upon discovery. Then there are the situations where you knew deep down what the outcome was going to be, but you tried to make the relationship work in spite of reality. This pattern becomes a cycle until we create boundaries and establish rules for acceptable behavior. Before we open ourselves up to someone, we need to evaluate the person the same way we would evaluate a new car or a potential stock prior to the investment in order to have a better idea of what we’re really getting. If the person measures up to your standards, then you allow them into your heart. The reverse method we tend to practice can be self destructive. Allowing them in before you really get to know them is a recipe for disaster. Break the cycle and you won’t have to recover after the damage is done.

I came in like a lamb…but I intend to leave like a lion…

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