Lyrical Legends: Mississippi Mass Choir – Your Grace and Mercy

Your Grace and Mercy

Mississippi Mass Choir

By Terrance Moore

Your grace and mercy…brought me through
I’m living this moment…because of you
I want to thank you…and praise you too
Your grace and mercy…brought me through

Every time I hear this song, it takes me back to my childhood. It brings back memories of the all-day church services (minus 3 hours for lunch/dinner) I attended every Sunday with my Grandmother. If you’ve ever been to a Pentecostal church, you know they hold nothing back when moved by the spirit of God. And the lyrics to this song, including the background activity, bring those experiences back to life every time I hear it. I learned a number of valuable lessons during those times, and this song highlights a few of the many teachings I still carry with me. I was taught that the grace and mercy of God know no bounds, and that through Him all things are possible. I was also taught this moment in time is possible because of the goodness of God. The lyrics to this song vividly describe what He has done, and is currently doing in our lives.

Thank you for saving…a sinner like me
To tell the world…salvation is free
There were times when I just didn’t do right
But you watch over me day and night

The lyrics acknowledge His kindness for smiling on us when we least deserve it. Even at our worst, He still loves us and helps us through our trials and tribulations. This song is a reflection of the spiritual lessons I learned during my formative years. Those teachings laid the foundation for the person I have become. I couldn’t begin to describe the impact He has had on my life. The lyrics also remind me of another lesson learned; we are in this world but not of it. So we cannot allow the cynics of society to influence our spirituality or our way of thinking. Jesus has already paid the ultimate price for our sins, so there is no need to crucify yourself, or others for that matter. Try not to be so critical of each other. You can choose not to, but it’s just a matter of time before you find a bullseye on the door to your house of glass.

Justice demanded that I should die
But grace and mercy said oh no oh no…we’ve already paid the price
You see… I once was blind…but thank God I can see
It was because of grace and mercy…came along and rescued me

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