Lyrical Legends: George Michael – Different Corner

Different Corner

George Michael

By Terrance Moore

Regardless of age, race, religion, gender, nationality or any other descriptor we use to separate ourselves from one another, universally, we all have a desire to love and be loved. But as we all know, loving the wrong person can leave you damaged; sometimes permanently. And although our spirits may long to be loved, fear can paralyze us and prevent us from truly experiencing everything a healthy love has to offer. The lyrics to this song describe the feelings most people feel when the baggage resulting from dysfunctional relationships takes its toll.

I would promise you all of my life
But to lose you would cut like a knife
So I don’t I don’t dare

We allow fear to prevent us from saying and doing what we feel in our hearts. To be head over heels in love with someone is a vulnerable feeling. It’s the emotional equivalent to removing your heart from your chest and placing it in someone else’s hands, hoping they will treat it as if it were their own. And as anyone who has ever loved the wrong person knows, this is rarely the case. When we do meet that person who makes the effort to handle us with care, fear sets in.

‘Cause I’ve never come close in all of these years
You were the only one to stop my tears
And I’m so scared..I’m so scared

There are people who have experienced so many dysfunctional relationships that when presented with a healthier alternative, they push the person away because a healthy relationship is outside of their comfort zone. Happiness in a relationship is foreign to them, so they create excuses to end the relationship. It’s hard for them to be happy because they’re secretly waiting for the person to do something wrong. And even if the person doesn’t do anything wrong, they allow their insecurities to create unwarranted doubt. Doubts begin to rise as to whether this person really cares for them, although the person has done everything within their power to prove their love.

Take me back in time maybe I can forget
Turn a different corner and we never would have met
Would you care?

There are some individuals who have made the conscious decision to avoid love altogether. They place an impenetrable wall around their hearts and refuse to let anyone in. If we took the time deal with our psychological issues before beginning a new relationship and became more discerning about who we allow in our lives, there would be no need for walls. Before jumping into a relationship with anyone, it’s best to give yourself time to heal from your past experiences and try to gain an understanding of who you are and what you want in a mate. Once you come to understand who you are as a person, you can then begin to work towards making better life decisions. And stop playing the victim! Every negative situation you’ve experienced can’t always be the other person’s fault! What is the common denominator in all of your relationships? You. Analyze the role you played and how you continuously allow yourself to end up in negative situations. There’s always the alternative; you can continue down your current path, allowing fear to control your life and prevent you from truly being happy.

And if all there is is this fear of being used
I should go back to being lonely and confused
If I could..I would..I swear

You can face your internal issues and work towards resolving them, or you can continue living a life of comfortable dysfunction. It’s your choice. What will you decide?

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